Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Phone Setup

■ To pair a mobile phone (when there is no phone paired to the system)

1. Select Phone.

2. Select Yes.

3. Make sure your phone is in search or discoverable mode, then select OK.

HFL automatically searches for a Bluetooth device.

4. Select your phone when it appears on the list.

  • If your phone does not appear, you can select Refresh to search again.
  • If your phone still does not appear, select Phone not found and search for Bluetooth devices using your phone.

    From your phone, select HandsFreeLink.

5. The system gives you a pairing code on the audio/information screen.

  • Confirm if the pairing code on the screen and your phone match. This may vary by phone.

6. A notification appears on the screen if pairing is successful.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

Your Bluetooth-compatible phone must be paired to HFL before you can make and receive hands-free calls.

Phone Pairing Tips:

  • You cannot pair your phone while the vehicle is moving.
  • Up to six phones can be paired.
  • Your phone's battery may drain faster when it is paired to HFL.
  • If your phone is not ready for pairing or not found by the system, the system will return to the previous screen.

■ Changing the currently paired phone

1. Go to the Phone settings screen.

2. Select Connect Phone.

3. Select a phone to connect.

  • HFL disconnects the current phone and starts searching for another paired phone

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

If no other phones are found or paired when trying to switch to another phone, HFL will inform you that the original phone is connected again.

■ To change the pairing code setting

1. Select HOME.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Bluetooth.

4. Select the Bluetooth tab.

5. Select Edit Pairing Code.

6. Select Fixed or Random.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

The default pairing code is 0000 until you change the setting.

To create your own, select Fixed, and delete the current code, then enter a new one.

For a randomly generated pairing code each time you pair a phone, select Random.

■ To edit an already-paired phone name

1. Go to the Phone settings screen.

2. Select the Phone tab.

3. Select Bluetooth Device List.

4. Select a paired phone you want to edit.

5. Select Edit Device Name.

6. Edit the name and select OK.

7. A notification appears if the change is successful.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

■ To delete a paired phone

1. Go to the Phone settings screen.

2. Select the Phone tab.

3. Select Bluetooth Device List.

4. Select a phone you want to delete.

5. Select Delete This Device.

6. You will receive a confirmation message on the screen. Select Yes.

7. A notification appears if the deletion is successful

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink


     To Set Up a Text/E-mail Message Options

    ■ To turn on or off the text/e-mail function 1. Go to the Phone settings screen. 2. Select the Text/Email tab, then Enable Text/Email. A pop-up menu appears on the screen. 3. Select On or Off.

     Speed Dial

    Up to 20 speed dial numbers can be stored per phone. To store a speed dial number: 1. Go to the Phone menu screen. 2. Select Speed Dial. Repeat the procedure to select New Entry. 3. Select a plac

     Making a Call

    You can make calls by inputting any phone number, or by using the imported phonebook, call history, speed dial entries, or redial. Any voice-tagged speed dial entry, phonebook name, or number can be


     EPS System Description - EPS Control

    The base current is a basic current value to drive the motor. Base current is calculated using steering torque and vehicle speed. EPS motor torque tends to be lower as the vehicle begins to move, and higher as it decreases in speed due to inertia of the rotating body. Inertia compensation increas

     Audio System Diagnostic Mode (Without Navigation, Color Audio Type (5-inch Screen) )

    Start-Up Procedure and Diagnostic Menu NOTE: Check the vehicle 12 volt battery condition first. 1. Start the engine 2. Press the POWER () button to turn off the audio unit 3. Press and hold the preset No. 1 button and the preset No. 6 button. While holding the buttons, press the POWER () button.

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