Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Before Driving


 Driving Preparation

Check the following items before you start driving. ■Exterior Checks Make sure there are no obstructions on the windows, door mirrors, exterior lights, or other parts of the vehicle. Remove a

 Maximum Load Limit

The maximum load for your vehicle is 850 lbs (385 kg). See Tire and Loading Information label attached to the driver's doorjamb. This figure includes the total weight of all occupants, cargo, and ac

 Towing a Trailer

Your vehicle is not designed to tow a trailer. Attempting to do so can void your warranties. Towing Your Vehicle Continuously variable transmission models Your vehicle is not designed to be towed beh


 DTC Troubleshooting U0101-00: Lost Communication with the PCM (SRS Unit)

NOTE: Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, find out if the vehicle was in a collision. If so, verify that all the required components were replaced with new components of the correct part number, and that they were properly installed. Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, rev

 DTC Troubleshooting, Testing

DTC TROUBLESHOOTING VSA SYSTEM DTC TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX TESTING VSA MODULATOR-CONTROL UNIT UPDATE Special Tools Required MVCI unit with the latest control module (CM) update software installed Procedure NOTE: High temperature in the engine compartment might cause the VSA modulator-control uni

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