Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Driving


 Before Driving

 Driving Preparation

Check the following items before you start driving. ■Exterior Checks Make sure there are no obstructions on the windows, door mirrors, exterior lights, or other parts of the vehicle. Remove a

 Maximum Load Limit

The maximum load for your vehicle is 850 lbs (385 kg). See Tire and Loading Information label attached to the driver's doorjamb. This figure includes the total weight of all occupants, cargo, and ac



ENGINE OIL LEVEL CHECK Check 1. Engine Oil Level - Check Park the vehicle on level ground, and start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 3, 000 RPM with no load (M/T in neutral, CVT in P or N) until the radiator fan comes on, then turn off the engine, and wait more than 3 minutes. Remove

 Passenger's Dashboard Panel Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation 1. Passenger's Dashboard Panel - Remove Remove the passenger's dashboard panel (A) Disconnect the connector (B). 2. Passenger's Dashboard Vent- Remove If necessary, remove the passenger's dashboard vent (A). 3. Center Dashboard Vent - Remove If necessary, remo

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