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Honda HR-V: Description


 CVT System Description - Clutches (CVT)

Forward Clutch, Reverse Brake, Planetary Gear Train, and Pulleys Forward Clutch The forward clutch is the hydraulic-actuated clutch, and engages and disengages the sun gear. When hydraulic pressure i

 CVT System Description - Electronic Control System (CVT)

Functional Diagram The electronic control system consists of the powertrain control module (PCM), sensors, and solenoid valves. Shifting and lock-up are electronically controlled for comfortable dri

 CVT System Description - General Operation (CVT)

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) is an electronically controlled automatic transmission with drive and driven pulleys, steel belt, and new transmission fluid (HCF-2). The CVT provides no


 Bluetooth HandsFreeLink (Models with display audio system)

To use HFL, you need a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone. For a list of compatible phones, pairing procedures, and special feature capabilities: U.S.: Visit, or call 1-888-528 -7876. Canada: Visit, or call 1-888- 528-7876. To use HFL, the Bluetoot

 Rear Differential Mount Removal and Installation (AWD)

Removal 1. Vehicle - Lift 2. No. 2 Propeller Shaft - Disconnect 3. Rear Differential - Support 4. Rear Differential Front Mount - Remove Remove the rear differential front mount bracket (A). Remove the rear differential front mount (A). 5. Rear Differential Rear Mount - Remove Remove the

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