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Honda HR-V: Handling the Unexpected

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Owner's Manual / Handling the Unexpected



Types of Tools 2WD models The tools are stored in the cargo area. AWD models If a Tire Goes Flat Changing a Flat Tire If a tire goes flat while driving, grasp the steering wheel firmly, and brake g

 Engine Does Not Start

Checking the Engine If the engine does not start, check the starter. If you must start the vehicle immediately, use an assisting vehicle to jump start it. Models with smart entry system If the Smart

 Jump Starting

■Jump Starting Procedure Turn off the power to electric devices, such as audio and lights. Turn off the engine, then open the hood. 1. Connect the first jumper cable to your vehicle's battery (+) t


 Speaker Removal, Installation, and Test

Removal & Installation Door Speaker 1. Door Panel - Remove Remove the door panel. Front Rear 2. Door Speaker - Remove Remove the bolt, then lift the door speaker straight up to release the lower clips (A) Disconnect the connector (B), then remove the door speaker. 3. All Removed


KEY INTERLOCK SYSTEM CIRCUIT TROUBLESHOOTING NOTE: SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations - Refer to: SRS Component Location Index(KA/KC), or SRS Component Location Index(KA/KC), and precautions and procedures before doing repairs or servicing. 1. DTC check.

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