Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Emergency Towing

Call a professional towing service if you need to tow your vehicle.

All models

■ Flat bed equipment

The operator loads your vehicle on the back of a truck.

This is the best way to transport your vehicle.

2WD models

■ Wheel lift equipment

The tow truck uses two pivoting arms that go under the front tires and lift them off the ground. The rear tires remain on the ground. This is an acceptable way to tow your vehicle.


Trying to lift or tow your vehicle by the bumpers will cause serious damage. The bumpers are not designed to support the vehicle's weight.


Improper towing such as towing behind a motorhome or other motor vehicle can damage the transmission.

Never tow your vehicle with just a rope or chain.

It is very dangerous since ropes or chains may shift from side to side or break.

2WD models

Make sure the parking brake is released. If you cannot release the parking brake, your vehicle must be transported by the flat bed equipment.


     When You Cannot Open the Tailgate

    ■What to Do When Unable to Open the Tailgate If you cannot open the tailgate, use the following procedure. 1. Wrap a cloth around the flat-tip screwdriver. Put it into the cover as shown in the imag



    ■Vehicle Specifications *1: 2WD *2: AWD ■Engine Specifications ■Fuel ■Washer Fluid ■Light Bulbs ■Brake Fluid ■Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid* *1: 2WD *2: AWD ■Manual T


     Battery Management System - Service Information

    REMOVAL & INSTALLATION 12 VOLT BATTERY SENSOR REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal 1. 12 Volt Battery Sensor - Remove Make sure the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode. Disconnect the connector (A). Remove the 12 volt battery sensor (B) from the 12 volt battery. NOTE: To protect the 12 volt battery

     Rear Window Defogger System Description - Control/Function

    The Timer Function (Without Climate Control) The rear window defogger provides the timer control function that is controlled by the HVAC control unit. The timer control is operated by turning the vehicle to the ON mode, then turn on the rear window defogger switch. The timer operating time varies

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