Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Troubleshooting


 Radiator Fan High Speed Circuit Troubleshooting

1. Fuse check. Check the following fuses. Are the fuses OK? YES Reinstall the fuses, then go to step 2. NO Replace the fuse(s), and recheck. If the fuse(s) blows again, repair the short to ground

 Radiator and A/C Condenser Fan Low Speed Circuit Troubleshooting

NOTE: Do not use this troubleshooting procedure if the A/C compressor is inoperative. Refer to the symptom troubleshooting index - Refer to: Heating and A/C Systems Symptom Troubleshooting Index

 Engine Mount - Service Information

REMOVAL & INSTALLATION ENGINE MOUNT TIGHTENING PROCEDURE Procedure NOTE: Reinstall the mounting bolts and nuts in the sequence given in the following steps. Failure to follow this sequence may ca


 DTC Troubleshooting C0062-76: Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor (Inside of Electric Parking Brake Control Unit) Adjustment Condition Incorrect

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the how to troubleshoot the electric parking brake system. Before troubleshooting, check the electric parking brake control unit for proper mounting. If not properly installed the electric parking brake control unit may set this code. 1. Problem verifi


CHARGING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - OVERVIEW Overview The PCM gathers vehicle operating system data and determines the required charging rate. Based on that data, the PCM commands the alternator to provide a specific charging rate (voltage) between 12.5 and 14.5 volts, using 1/10th volt steps. In some o

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