Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Airbags


 Airbag System Components

The front, front side, and side curtain airbags are deployed according to the direction and severity of impact. Both side curtain airbags are deployed in a rollover. The airbag system includes: Tw

 Front Airbags (SRS)

The front SRS airbags inflate in a moderate-to-severe frontal collision to help protect the head and chest of the driver and/or front passenger. SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) indicates that th

 Side Airbags

The side airbags help protect the torso and pelvis of the driver or a front passenger during a moderate-to-severe side impact. Make sure you and your front seat passenger always sit upright. Leaning


 Inspection & Adjustment

SEAT BELT INSPECTION Inspection 1. Seat Belt - Inspect (In Vehicle) In-Vehicle Check that the seat belt is not twisted or caught on anything. After installing the anchors, check for free movement on the anchor bolts. If necessary, remove the anchor bolts and check that the washers and other pa

 Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Symptom Troubleshooting - LDW OFF Switch Does Not Work Or OFF Indicator Does Not Come ON

1. LDW OFF switch indicator check 1: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Operate the LDW OFF switch. Check and note the parameter below with the HDS. Does the value change? YES Go to step 2. NO Go to step 5. 2. LDW OFF switch indicator check 2: Check the LDW OFF switch indicator. Does the indi

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