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Honda HR-V: Description


 VSA System Description - ABS Control

When wheel speed is significantly reduced from estimated vehicle speed, the VSA modulator-control unit closes the inlet valve and opens the outlet valve momentarily to reduce brake fluid pressure an

 VSA System Description - Hill Start Assist Control

Overview The hill start assist control assists drivers by automatically controlling brake pressure when starting a vehicle on a steep hill; this assist prevents the vehicle from rolling on a hill for

 DTC Troubleshooting, Testing

DTC TROUBLESHOOTING VSA SYSTEM DTC TROUBLESHOOTING INDEX TESTING VSA MODULATOR-CONTROL UNIT UPDATE Special Tools Required MVCI unit with the latest control module (CM) update software installed P


 Rear Brake Caliper Overhaul

Special Tools Required Brake Caliper Piston Compressor 07AAE-SEPA101 Exploded View 1. Rear Brake Caliper - Exploded View Exploded View Fig. 3: Brake Caliper Exploded View With Torque Specifications Disassembly Frequent inhalation of brake pad dust, regardless of material composition, could be ha

 Starter System Circuit Troubleshooting (Without Keyless Access System)

NOTE: Air temperature must be between 59-100ºF (15-38ºC) during this procedure. After the inspection, you must reset the PCM. Otherwise, the PCM will continue to stop the fuel injectors from operating. The 12 volt battery must be in good condition and fully charged. 1. Starting syste

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