Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Brakes


 Brake System - Service Information

 Automatic Brake Hold Switch Removal, Installation, and Test

Removal & Installation 1. Center Console Panel - Remove 2. Electric Parking Brake/Automatic Brake Hold Switch - Remove Remove the electric parking brake/automatic brake hold switch (A) 3. All

 Brake Booster Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation 1. Air Cleaner - Remove 2. Master Cylinder - Remove 3. Brake Line - Remove Remove the brake lines (A) from the brake line clamp (B). Remove the brake lines (A) from


 Front Stabilizer Link Removal and Installation

Removal 1. Vehicle - Lift 2. Front Wheel - Remove 3. Stabilizer Link - Remove Remove the self-locking nut (A) and the flange nut (B) while holding the respective joint pin (C) with a hex wrench (D) Remove the stabilizer link (E). Installation 1. Stabilizer Link - Install Fig. 16: Stabilizer

 DTC B12C5 Engine Start/Stop Switch Failure

DTC (Power Control Unit) NOTE: If you are troubleshooting multiple DTCs, be sure to follow the instructions in B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Refer to: Body Electrical Troubleshooting - B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Initial Communication and DTC Checks. 1. Problem verification: Cle

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