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Honda HR-V: General Information



■Vehicle Specifications *1: 2WD *2: AWD ■Engine Specifications ■Fuel ■Washer Fluid ■Light Bulbs ■Brake Fluid ■Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid* *1: 2WD *2: AWD ■Manual T

 Reporting Safety Defects

In the U.S. If you believe that your vehicle has a defect which could cause a crash or could cause injury or death, you should immediately inform the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (N

 Warranty Coverages

■ U.S. Owners Your new vehicle is covered by these warranties: New Vehicle Limited Warranty - covers your new vehicle, except for the emissions control systems and accessories, against defects in ma


 SRS Symptom Troubleshooting - Front Passenger's Airbag Cutoff Indicator Stays ON Or Comes ON Suddenly

NOTE: Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, find out if the vehicle was in a collision. If so, verify that all the required components were replaced with new components of the correct part number, and that they were properly installed. Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, revi

 DTC 2607 XM Diag

NOTE: Check the vehicle 12 volt battery condition first. This navigation DTC sets when a problem (open or short) is detected in the GA-Net BUS (the XM icon is red in the System Links). Before you troubleshoot, make sure to follow the General Troubleshooting Information. Check any official

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