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Honda HR-V: Thermostat Removal, Installation, and Test

Removal and Installation

1. Engine Coolant - Drain

2. Thermostat - Remove

Engine Cooling System - Service Information
Fig. 3: Thermostat - Exploded View With Torque Specifications

  1. Remove the harness bracket (A)
  2. Remove the thermostat.

3. All Removed Parts - Install

  1. Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.


    • Make sure the pin up when installing the thermostat.
    • After installing all the removed parts, refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed the air from the cooling system.


Replace the thermostat if it is stuck in the open position at room temperature.

1. Thermostat - Test

Engine Cooling System - Service Information

To test a closed thermostat:

  1. Suspend the thermostat (A) in a container of water. Do not let the thermostat and the thermometer (B) touch the bottom of the hot container
  2. Heat the water, then check the temperature with a thermometer. Check the temperature when the thermostat first opens, and when it is fully open
  3. Measure the lift height of the thermostat when it is fully open.

Lift Height: 8.0 mm (0.315 in) min.
Starts Opening:
176-183 ºF (80-84 ºC)
Fully Open: 203 ºF (95 ºC)


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