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Honda HR-V: Opening and Closing the Tailgate

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Owner's Manual / Controls / Opening and Closing the Tailgate

Precautions for Opening/Closing the Tailgate

Always make sure individuals and objects are clear of the tailgate before opening or closing it.

Be careful not to hit your head on the tailgate or to put your hands between the tailgate and the cargo area when closing the tailgate.

When you are storing or picking up luggage from the cargo area while the engine is idling, do not stand in front of the exhaust pipe. You may get burned.

Do not allow any passenger in the cargo space. They may get hurt during hard braking, a sudden acceleration, or a crash.

■ Opening the tailgate

  • Open the tailgate all the way.
    • If it is not fully opened, the tailgate may come down accidentally by its own weight.
  • Be careful when it is windy. The wind may cause the tailgate to close.

■ Closing the tailgate

Keep the tailgate closed while driving to:

  • Avoid possible damage.
  • Prevent exhaust gas from leaking into the vehicle.

Using the Tailgate Release Button

When all the doors are unlocked or you press the tailgate unlock button on the remote transmitter, the tailgate is unlocked. Press the tailgate release button and lift open the tailgate.

Opening and Closing the Tailgate

Models with smart entry system

Even if the tailgate is locked, you can open the tailgate if you carry the smart entry remote.

To close the tailgate, grab the inner handle, pull the tailgate down, and push it closed from outside.

If you close the tailgate when all the doors are locked, the tailgate locks automatically.

  • Some exterior lights flash.

Opening and Closing the Tailgate

Models with smart entry system

  • Do not leave the smart entry remote in the vehicle when you get out. Carry it with you.
  • Even if you are not carrying the smart entry remote, you can unlock the tailgate while someone else is with the remote is within range.

■Remote Transmitter

Press the tailgate unlock button to unlock the tailgate.

Opening and Closing the Tailgate

If you have unlocked and opened the tailgate using the remote transmitter, or smart entry remote, when closing, the tailgate locks automatically.


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