Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Playing an iPod

Connect the iPod using your dock connector to the USB port, then press the CD/ AUX button.

Audio System Basic Operation

■How to Select a Song from the iPod Music List with the Selector Knob

1. Press to display the iPod
music list.

2. Rotate to select a

3. Press to display a list of
items in the category.

4. Rotate to select an item, then
press .

  • Press and rotate
    repeatedly until a
    desired item you want to listen is displayed.

Audio System Basic Operation

Available operating functions vary on models or versions. Some functions may not be available on the vehicle's audio system.

If there is a problem, you may see an error message on the audio display.

■How to Select a Play Mode

You can select repeat and shuffle modes when playing a song.

Available mode icons appear above the play mode buttons.

Press the button corresponding to the mode you want to select.

Audio System Basic Operation

■ To turn off a play mode

Press the selected button.

Play Mode Menu Items

Shuffle Album: Plays all
available albums in a selected category (playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, or composers) in random order.

Shuffle All: Plays all
available songs in a selected category (playlists, artists, albums, songs, genres, or composers) in random order.

Repeat One Track: Repeats
the current song.

You can also select a play mode by pressing the MENU/CLOCK button.

Rotate to select Play Mode,
then press

Rotate to select a mode,
then press

To turn it off, rotate to
select Normal Play, then press


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