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Honda HR-V: Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting



SEAT HEATERS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - CONTROL/FUNCTION Heater Control The front seat heater control switch sets the heater to HI/LO or OFF based on the front seat heater switch signals received. The fron


FRONT SEAT HEATER CONTROL UNIT INPUT TEST NOTE : Before testing, make sure the No. C19 (20 A), No. C24 (7.5 A), and No. C39 (10 A) fuses in the under-dash fuse/relay box are OK. 1. Disconnect the fro

 Inputs and Outputs


 Rear Door Protection Tape Removal and Installation

Removal 1. Rear Door Protection Tape - Remove Remove the rear door protection tape (A). NOTE : Slowly peel up the old door protection tape while heating it with a hair dryer. Installation 1. Rear Door Protection Tape - Install Clean the door bonding surface with a sponge dampened in isoprop

 State Emission Standards

ARIZONA NOTE: Because of frequent revisions in state emission standards, the emission standards listed in this article should only be used as a guide. ARIZONA EMISSION STANDARDS - PHOENIX & TUCSON AREA (DIESEL OPACITY LOADED CRUISE TEST) ARIZONA EMISSION STANDARDS - PHOENIX & TUCSON AREA (

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