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Honda HR-V: Description


Heater Control

The front seat heater control switch sets the heater to HI/LO or OFF based on the front seat heater switch signals received. The front seat heater control switch receives the front seat heater switch signals from the B-CAN via the climate control unit. The front seat heater control unit monitors the thermistor resistance, the voltage/current/temperature to the heater, and the presence of communication with the climate control unit.

Also, the system stores a DTC when a malfunction is detected in the front seat heater control unit.

Thermistor and Breaker

Seat cushion heater has a thermistor and breaker. The thermistor and breaker are protecting an overheat and seat heater circuit. Value of the thermistor is input to the control unit.

Front Seat Cushion

Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting

The seat heater temperature is controlled by breaker ON and OFF condition.

Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting


Some models come equipped with the seat heater for the driver's seat and front passenger's seat. The seat heater functions to warm the seats by operating the seat heat switch to Low or High. The seating surfaces include electrical resistance heating elements that warm the surfaces.

Driver's Seat

Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting

Front Passenger's Seat

Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting

Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting


Seats - Testing & Troubleshooting



    FRONT SEAT HEATER CONTROL UNIT INPUT TEST NOTE : Before testing, make sure the No. C19 (20 A), No. C24 (7.5 A), and No. C39 (10 A) fuses in the under-dash fuse/relay box are OK. 1. Disconnect the fro

     Inputs and Outputs

     Front Seat Heater Control Unit Connector For Inputs And Outputs

    REAR SEAT CUSHION DISASSEMBLY AND REASSEMBLY Disassembly & Reassembly 1. Rear Seat Cushion - Remove 2. Rear Seat Recline Cover - Remove 3. Rear Seat Hinge Cover -Remove 4. Rear Seat Cushion Pa


     SRS System Description - SRS Unit (KA/KC)

    System Diagram Power supply circuit: Provided to maintain power when battery voltage is low or in case of power supply damage due to a collision. Front impact G sensor and side impact G sensor: Detects impact to the SRS unit as acceleration, and converts it to electrical signal. Microprocess


    FRONT DAMPER/SPRING DISASSEMBLY, REASSEMBLY, AND INSPECTION Exploded View Damper/Spring - Exploded View Fig. 3: Damper/Spring - Exploded View With Torque Specifications Disassembly NOTE: When compressing the damper spring, use a commercially available strut spring compressor according to the m

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