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LANEWATCH CAMERA AIMING(NA) LaneWatch Camera Aiming Special Tools Required LaneWatch Aiming Stand Set 070AKT2AA100 Aiming Marker 070AK-T2AA110 Adjustment 1. LaneWatch Camera - Aim NOTE : The LaneWa


LANEWATCH SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - OVERVIEW (NA) LaneWatch System Description - Overview LaneWatch uses a camera and the multi-information display to help drivers recognize objects in the passenger's sid

 Symptom Troubleshooting


 Synchro Sleeve and Hub Disassembly, Reassembly, and Inspection (M/T)

Inspection 1. Synchro Sleeve and Hub - Inspect Inspect the gear teeth on all synchro hubs and synchro sleeves for wear (rounded off corners) Install each synchro hub (A) in its mating synchro sleeve (B), and check for free movement. Make sure to match the three sets of longer teeth (C) (12

 A/C Compressor Relief Valve Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation NOTE: If the A/C compressor relief valve released refrigerant to the atmosphere, determine and correct the cause of the excessive system pressure, then replace the relief valve. 1. A/C Refrigerant - Recover 2. Vehicle - Lift 3. Engine Undercover - Remove 4. A/C Compressor

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