Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Troubleshooting


 DLC Circuit Troubleshooting

NOTE : If you suspect the HDS or the HDS DLC cable may be the source of the communication problem, verify that they are working properly by connecting them to a known-good, similar vehicle and syste

 F-CAN Circuit Troubleshooting

1. F-CAN circuit resistance check: Turn the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode. Jump the SCS line with the HDS. SCS Short Disconnect the following connector. PCM connector A (51P) Measure the res

 Seats - Service Information



A/C Air Conditioning A/C-ISUS A/C Idle Speed-Up Solenoid A/F Air/Fuel AAI Air Assist Injector ACL Air Cleaner (Thermostatic Air Cleaner) ACL-BMS ACL Bimetallic Sensor ACL-CKV ACL Check Valve ACL-DV ACL Delay Valve ACL-ESC Electronic Spark Control ACL-PVS ACL Ported Vacuum Switch ACL-RDV ACL Reverse

 Transmission Fluid Pan Removal and Installation (CVT)

Removal NOTE: Keep all foreign particles out of the transmission. 1. Vehicle - Lift 2. Engine Undercover - Remove (With 2WD) 3. Left Front Splash Shield - Remove 4. Engine - Warm Up Start the engine, and warm it up to normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on twice). Turn the engi

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