Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Using HFL

■HFL Buttons

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

(Pick-up) button: Press to go
directly to the Phone screen, or to answer an incoming call.

(Hang-up/Back) button: Press
to end a call, go back to the previous command, or to cancel a command.

(Talk) button: Press to call a
number with a stored voice tag, a phonebook, name, or a number.

button: Press to display Speed
Dial, Call History, or Redial on the Phone screen.

button: Press to select an
item displayed on the Phone screen.

SOURCE button: Press to call a number listed in the selected item on the Phone screen.

To go to the Phone menu screen:

1. Select HOME.

2. Select Phone to switch the display to the Phone screen.

3. Select MENU.

■HFL Status Display

The audio/information screen notifies you when there is an incoming call.

Bluetooth HandsFreeLink

The information that appears on the audio/ information screen varies between phone models.

You can change the system language to English, French, or Spanish.

■Limitations for Manual Operation

Certain manual functions are disabled or inoperable while the vehicle is in motion.

You cannot select a grayed-out option until the vehicle is stopped.

Only previously stored speed dial entries with voice tags, phone book names, or numbers can be called using voice commands while the vehicle is in motion.


     HFL Menus

    The ignition switch must be in ACCESSORY (I) or ON (II)*1 to use HFL. To use HFL, you must first pair your Bluetoothcompatible mobile phone to the system while the vehicle is parked. Some functions a

     Phone Setup

    ■ To pair a mobile phone (when there is no phone paired to the system) 1. Select Phone. 2. Select Yes. 3. Make sure your phone is in search or discoverable mode, then select OK. HFL automatically

     To Set Up a Text/E-mail Message Options

    ■ To turn on or off the text/e-mail function 1. Go to the Phone settings screen. 2. Select the Text/Email tab, then Enable Text/Email. A pop-up menu appears on the screen. 3. Select On or Off.


     Mainshaft Assembly Clearance Inspection (M/T)

    Inspection 1. Mainshaft Assembly Clearance - Inspect Support the bearing inner race with an appropriate sized socket (A), and push down on the mainshaft (B) Measure the clearance between 2nd gear (C) and 3rd gear (D) with a feeler gauge (E). If the clearance exceeds the service limit, go

     When You Cannot Open the Tailgate

    ■What to Do When Unable to Open the Tailgate If you cannot open the tailgate, use the following procedure. 1. Wrap a cloth around the flat-tip screwdriver. Put it into the cover as shown in the image, and open it. 2. Wrap a cloth around the flat-tip screwdriver. Put it into the lid as shown in th

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