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Honda HR-V: SRS System Description - Front Passenger's Weight Sensor

The front passenger's seat is equipped with front passenger's weight sensors to detect the presence and weight of the occupant to tailor the front passenger's airbag deployment and performance in the event of a collision. The front passenger's weight sensors are part of the front passenger's seat rail. If the sensors detect an empty front passenger seat, the front passenger's airbag is disabled. If the weight sensors detect a front passenger's weight more than approximately 30 kg (66 lbs), the front passenger's airbag operation is allowed. If the sensors detect the weight of an infant or small child weighing up to about 30 kg (66 lbs), the system will automatically turn the front passenger's airbag off and turn on the front passenger's airbag cutoff indicator.

NOTE: The front passenger's weight sensors measure only the weight that's actually on the seat cushion. They do not measure the weight of the front passenger's legs extending to the floor or arms resting on the armrests. A front seat passenger who weighs near the airbag's cutoff threshold may cause the airbag and indicator to turn on and off just by moving around in the seat and shifting their weight. This may cause some occupants to believe there's something wrong with the airbag system when it is operating normally.

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Front Impact Sensor/Side Impact Sensor

The front impact sensors are located on the side of the bulkhead side stay, and detect the impact around the vehicle front. The G sensor within the front impact sensor detects the impact force from the front impact. If the impact exceeds the preset threshold value, it is converted into an electrical signal, which is transmitted to the SRS unit.

The side impact sensors first and second are installed at the right-hand and left-hand floors in the sides of the vehicle. They detect the impacts around the front doors and rear doors. A side impact sensor converts the impact to an electrical signal and transmits it to the SRS unit when impact exceeding regulated intensity is received in a side collision.

Supplemental Restraint System - Testing & Troubleshooting


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