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Honda HR-V: A/C System Description - Overview

The air conditioning system regulates temperature air outlet by mixing cold and warm air in an appropriate ratio. The heater core and evaporator core are installed in the heater unit and has the air mix damper and the mode control damper. The blower unit is composed of a blower motor, the recirculation control damper and the air conditioner filter. The blower unit is connected to a heater unit by the duct integral with the blower unit.

System Diagram

HVAC System - Testing & Troubleshooting
Fig. 2: A/C System Diagram

Air Flow Diagram

NOTE: The following illustration of the A/C system is just to give an example of what a normal item would look like. Therefore, the door shape of the damper, the number of doors, the appearance of the heater core and the evaporator core and so forth, and the layout of parts may vary depending on the model.

HVAC System - Testing & Troubleshooting
Fig. 3: A/C Air Flow Diagram

Refrigerant Cycle

HVAC System - Testing & Troubleshooting
Fig. 4: A/C Refrigerant Flow Diagram

Heater Control (Without Climate Control)

The temperature control and air outlet position are mechanically switched by connecting between each damper of the heater control and heater unit with the wire cable. The fan volume can be changed stepwise by changing the fan motor voltage with the fan switch rotation.


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