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Honda HR-V: HVAC System - Testing & Troubleshooting

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / HVAC / HVAC System - Testing & Troubleshooting


 Inspection & Adjustment

A/C SYSTEM CONTAMINATION INSPECTION Inspection NOTE: If the A/C compressor failure is diagnosed, always use this inspection to check the extent of contamination in the A/C system. The parts illu


 A/C System Description - A/C Pressure Sensor

The A/C pressure sensor is attached to the receiver line on the outlet side of the A/C condenser. The sensor's output voltage changes in response to changes in A/C discharge pressure. The PCM receiv


 Audio/Information Screen

Displays the audio status and wallpaper. From this screen, you can go to various setup options. Use simple gestures - including touching, swiping, and scrolling - to operate certain audio functions. Wearing gloves may limit or prevent touchscreen response. You can use the microfiber soft cle

 Voltage Waveform Samples

NOTE: This is GENERAL information. This article is not intended to be specific to any unique situation or individual vehicle configuration. For model-specific information see appropriate articles where available. EXAMPLE #1 - VOLTAGE CONTROLLED DRIVER These two known-good waveform patterns are from

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