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Honda HR-V: Description


 A/C System Description - A/C Pressure Sensor

The A/C pressure sensor is attached to the receiver line on the outlet side of the A/C condenser. The sensor's output voltage changes in response to changes in A/C discharge pressure. The PCM receiv

 A/C System Description - Overview

The air conditioning system regulates temperature air outlet by mixing cold and warm air in an appropriate ratio. The heater core and evaporator core are installed in the heater unit and has the air

 Climate Control System Description - Customize Function

How to Change the Set Temperature The climate control unit has a function to change the set temperature +2.7 ºF (+1.5 ºC) or -2.7 ºF (-1.5 ºC) degrees. NOTE: Verify that the climate cont


 Cylinder Head Replacement

* PLEASE READ THIS FIRST * NOTE: Examples used in this article are general in nature and do not necessarily relate to a specific engine or system. Illustrations and procedures have been chosen to guide mechanic through engine overhaul process. Descriptions of processes of cleaning, inspection, asse

 DTC Troubleshooting 26-120: Lateral Acceleration Sensor (Inside of Modulator-Control Unit) Stuck

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information. The yaw rate-acceleration sensor is built into the VSA modulator-control unit. Before troubleshooting, check the VSA modulator-control unit for proper mounting. Improper mounting of the VSA modulator-control unit

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