Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Cleaning


 Interior Care

Use a damp cloth with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water to remove dirt. Use a clean cloth to remove detergent residue. Do not spill liquids inside the vehicle. Electrical devices and syste

 Exterior Care

Dust off the vehicle body after you drive. Regularly inspect your vehicle for scratches on painted surfaces. A scratch on a painted surface can result in body rust. If you find a scratch, promptly re

 Handling the Unexpected


 DTC Troubleshooting 11-11, 13-11, 15-11, 17-11: Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Malfunction

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information. 1. Problem verification: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Clear the DTC with the HDS. Turn the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode, then to the ON mode. Check for DTCs with the HDS. Is DTC 11-11, 13-11, 15-11, or 17-1

 Countershaft Disassembly, Reassembly, and Inspection (M/T)

Special Tools Required Driver, 58 x 62 mm 070AD-PYZA100 Driver Handle, 40 mm I.D. 07746-0030100 Bearing Driver Attachment, 30 mm I.D. 07746-0030300 Disassembly NOTE: Refer to the Exploded View as needed during this procedure. 1. Countershaft - Disassemble Securely clamp the countershaft assemb

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