Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Maintenance


 Before Performing Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance For your safety, perform all listed inspections and maintenance to keep your vehicle in good condition. If you become aware of any abnormality (noise, smell, insufficient

 Maintenance Minder

If the engine oil life is less than 15%, you will see the Maintenance Minder messages appear on the information display every time you turn the ignition switch to ON (II)*1. The messages notify you w

 Maintenance Under the Hood


 Speed Dial

Up to 20 speed dial numbers can be stored per phone. To store a speed dial number: 1. Go to the Phone menu screen. 2. Select Speed Dial. Repeat the procedure to select New Entry. 3. Select a place to choose a number. From Import from Call History: Select a number from the call history. From

 Audio/Information Screen

Displays the audio status and wallpaper. From this screen, you can go to various setup options. ■Switching the Display ■ Audio Shows the current audio information. ■ Clock/Wallpaper Shows a clock screen or an image you import. ■ Change display 1. Press the MENU/CLOCK button. 2. Rotate to

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