Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Maintenance


 Before Performing Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance For your safety, perform all listed inspections and maintenance to keep your vehicle in good condition. If you become aware of any abnormality (noise, smell, insufficient

 Maintenance Minder

If the engine oil life is less than 15%, you will see the Maintenance Minder messages appear on the information display every time you turn the ignition switch to ON (II)*1. The messages notify you w

 Maintenance Under the Hood


 DTC C1860-98 (76-01): Differential Fluid Overheated (AWD)

NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the General Troubleshooting Information for the AWD with intelligent control system. When the clutch is presumed to be overheated, DTC C1860-98 is set and the system turns off the clutch engagement to protect the clutch. This DTC may also set under the

 Brake System

■Parking Brake Use the parking brake to keep the vehicle stationary when parked. You can manually apply and release, or automatically release it. You may hear the electric parking brake system operating from the rear wheel area when you apply or release the parking brake, or turn the ignition swit

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