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Honda HR-V: Danger/Warning/Caution Label Locations (KA/KC Models), Emergency Towing

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / General Information / Information / Danger/Warning/Caution Label Locations (KA/KC Models), Emergency Towing


Front Passenger's Compartment:

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Steering Wheel:

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Driver's Compartment:

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Engine Compartment:

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Driver's Doorjamb:

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Passenger's Doorjamb:

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If the vehicle needs to be towed, call a professional towing service.


  • Improper towing preparation will damage the transmission. Follow the below procedure exactly. If you cannot shift the transmission or start the engine, the vehicle must be transported on a flat-bed tow truck.
  • Trying to lift or tow the vehicle by the bumpers will cause serious damage. The bumpers are not designed to support the vehicle's weight.
  • It is best to tow the vehicle no farther than 80 km (50 miles), and keep the vehicle speed below 55 km/h (35 mph). (Except loading on a flat-bed tow truck)

Emergency Towing There are three popular methods of towing a vehicle.

General Information

Flat-bed Tow Truck Equipment - The operator loads the vehicle on the back of a flat-bed tow truck. This is the best way of transporting the vehicle.

Towing Hook/Tie Down Hook Slot Locations

  • The detachable towing hook is for towing very short distances, such as freeing the vehicle. To install the detachable towing hook, remove the cover on the front bumper and tighten the hook securely by hand.
  • The towing hook can be used with a winch to pull the vehicle onto the flat-bed tow truck, and the tie down hook slots can be used to secure the vehicle to the flat-bed tow truck.
  • Be sure to reinstall the rubber plugs after use.


  • To avoid damage to the vehicle, use the towing hook for straight flat ground towing only. Do not tow on an angle.
  • Do not use the detachable towing hook as a tie down for securing the vehicle on a flat-bed tow truck. To secure the vehicle on a flat-bed tow truck, use the tie down hook slots provided.

Front towing hook:

General Information

  1. Detachable front towing hook

Rear towing hook:

General Information

  1. Rear towing hook

Tie down hook slots:

General Information

  1. Front tie down hook slots
  2. Rear tie down hook slots
  3. Rubber plugs


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