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Honda HR-V: Driving Assistance Warning - Testing & Troubleshooting

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MULTIPURPOSE CAMERA AIMING Special Tools Required Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) MVCI unit with the latest control module (CM) update software installed Alignment Set 07AAJ-STKA210 Target Set 07AAK-


 Forward Collision Warning System Description - Overview

The forward collision warning system uses the multi purpose camera images to observe the vehicle's travel lane, and becomes active at speeds above 15 km/h (9 mph).If it identifies vehicles or object


 Heater Fan Switch Test

Test 1. Heater Control Panel - Remove 2. Heater Fan Switch - Test Check for continuity between the terminals in each switch position according to the table. If the continuity could not found between the indicated terminals, replace the heater fan switch. 3. All Removed Parts - Install Inst

 DTC B12E4 Electric Steering Lock High Level Failure of MTRCUT2

DTC (Power Control Unit) NOTE: If you are troubleshooting multiple DTCs, be sure to follow the instructions in B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Refer to: Body Electrical Troubleshooting - B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Initial Communication and DTC Checks,. Before troubleshooting

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