Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Fuel Information


We recommend quality gasoline containing detergent additives that help prevent fuel system and engine deposits. In addition, in order to maintain good performance, fuel economy, and emissions control, we strongly recommend the use of gasoline that does NOT contain harmful manganese-based fuel additives such as MMT, if such gasoline is available.

Use of gasoline with these additives may adversely affect performance, and cause the malfunction indicator lamp on your instrument panel to come on.

If this happens, contact a dealer for service.

Some gasoline today is blended with oxygenates such as ethanol. Your vehicle is designed to operate on oxygenated gasoline containing up to 15% ethanol by volume. Do not use gasoline containing methanol.

If you notice any undesirable operating symptoms, try another service station or switch to another brand of gasoline.

■ Fuel recommendation

Unleaded gasoline, pump octane number 87 or higher

Use of lower octane gasoline can cause a persistent, heavy metallic knocking noise that can lead to engine damage.

■ Top tier detergent gasoline

Because the level of detergency and additives in gasoline vary in the market, Honda endorses the use of "TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline" where available to help maintain the performance and reliability of your vehicle. TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline meets a new gasoline standard jointly established by leading automotive manufacturers to meet the needs of today's advanced engines.

Qualifying gasoline retailers will, in most cases, identify their gasoline as having met "TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline" standards at the retail location. This fuel is guaranteed to contain the proper level of detergent additives and be free of metallic additives. The proper level of detergent additives, and absence of harmful metallic additives in gasoline, help avoid build-up of deposits in your engine and emission control system.

For further important fuel-related information for your vehicle, or on information on gasoline that does not contain MMT, visit In Canada, visit for additional information on gasoline. For more information on top tier gasoline, visit

■ Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 US gal (50 liters)


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