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Honda HR-V: Ignition System - Service Information

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Engine / Ignition System - Service Information



Removal and Installation

1. Harness Cover - Remove

Ignition System - Service Information

2. Ignition Coil - Remove

Ignition System - Service Information
Fig. 1: Ignition Coil With Torque Specifications

  1. Disconnect the connectors (A)
  2. Remove the ignition coils.

3. Spark Plug - Remove

Ignition System - Service Information
Fig. 2: Spark Plug With Torque Specifications

4. All Removed Parts - Install

  1. Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.

NOTE: When the spark plugs install, apply a small amount of anti-seize compound to the spark plug threads, and screw the spark plugs into the cylinder head, finger-tight, then tighten the spark plugs to the specified torque.

5. Maintenance Minder - Reset (With Maintenance Minder System).

  1. If the Maintenance Minder required to replace the spark plugs, reset the Maintenance Minder with the gauge (see "Resetting the Maintenance Minder").


     Ignition System - Inspection & Adjustment

    INSPECTION & ADJUSTMENT IGNITION TIMING INSPECTION Inspection 1. HDS DLC - Connect NOTE: For specific operations, refer to the user's manual that came with the HDS. Make sure the HDS is loaded wi

     Cylinder Head Assembly - Service Information

     Cylinder Head Cover Removal and Installation

    Removal 1. Harness Cover - Remove 2. Positive Cable and Connector (Alternator) - Disconnect NOTE: Remove the positive cable clamp at the same time. 3. Cylinder Head Cover Harness Holder - Move Disc


     Intake Air Resonator Removal and Installation

    Removal & Installation 1. Air Intake Duct - Remove 2. Intake Air Resonator Mounting Bolt - Remove 3. Left Front Splash Shield - Remove 4. Left Front Inner Fender - Remove - Refer to: Front Inner Fender Removal and Installation, or Rear Inner Fender Removal and Installation NOTE: Remove an appr

     Steering Column Cover Removal and Installation

    Removal & Installation 1. Upper Column Cover - Remove Adjust the steering column to the full tilt down position, and to the full telescopic out position Turn the steering wheel 90º clockwise. Release the hook (A). Turn the steering wheel 180º counterclockwise. Release the hook (A

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