Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Rear Door Panel Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation

1. Rear Door Panel - Remove

Doors - Service Information

  1. Remove the cap (A) by tilting down the hook (B) with a flattip screwdriver.

Doors - Service Information

  1. Remove the screws.

Doors - Service Information

  1. Open the cap (A), then remove the screw.

Doors - Service Information

  1. Start at the bottom edge of the rear door panel (A), remove the clips with a commercially available trim pad remover.

Doors - Service Information

  1. Release the hook (A) while holding the rear door panel (B), and remove the inner handle (C).

Doors - Service Information

  1. Disconnect the connector (A), then remove the rear door panel (B).

2. Rear Door Panel Armrest - Remove

Doors - Service Information

  1. Remove the screws.

Doors - Service Information

  1. Remove the door armrest (A) from the rear door panel (B).

3. Power Window Switch Panel/Pull Pocket - Remove

Doors - Service Information

  1. Remove the power window switch panel (A) from the rear door armrest (B), and remove the pull pocket (C).

4. All Removed Parts - Install

  1. Install the parts in the reverse order of removal.


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