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Honda HR-V: Supplemental Restraint System - Testing & Troubleshooting

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Restraints / Supplemental Restraint System - Testing & Troubleshooting



 SRS System Description - Driver's Seat Position Sensor

The driver's seat position sensor is mounted to the driver's seat rail. When the driver's seat is moved to the full-forward position, a metal part of the seat track interrupts the sensor signal. Thi

 SRS System Description - Front Passenger's Weight Sensor

The front passenger's seat is equipped with front passenger's weight sensors to detect the presence and weight of the occupant to tailor the front passenger's airbag deployment and performance in th


 CKP Sensor Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation 1. Engine Undercover (2WD) - Remove 2. CKP Sensor Cover - Remove Remove the CKP sensor cover (A). 3. CKP Sensor - Remove 4. All Removed Parts - Install Install the parts in the reverse order of removal with a new O-ring. 5. CKP Pattern - Clear/Learn CMP SENSOR REMO

 "P", "R"

"P" PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection PAIR-ABV PAIR Anti-Backfire Valve PAIR-ACOV PAIR Air Cut-Off Valve PAIR-ACS PAIR Air Control Solenoid PAIR-ACV PAIR Air Control Valve PAIR-AIV PAIR Air Injection Valve PAIR-ASCS PAIR Air Suction Control Solenoid PAIR-ASOV PAIR Air Shutoff Valve PAIR-ASS PAIR A

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