Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Restraints


 Occupant Detection System - Diagnostics


 DTC Troubleshooting 81-51, 81-52, 81-53: Internal Failure of the Front Passenger's Weight Sensor Unit

NOTE: Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, find out if the vehicle was in a collision. If so, verify that all the required components were replaced with new components of the correct p


 Rear Accessory Power Socket Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation 1. Rear Accessory Power Socket - Remove Gently press the tabs (A), and remove the rear accessory power socket (B) Disconnect the connector. Gently press the tabs (A), and remove the housing (B) from the right rear side trim panel. Note the location of the index


INTERIOR LIGHTS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - COMPONENTS Front Individual Map Light The front individual map light is equipped for all vehicles. The front individual map light can be turned on and off by pressing on the map light lens*1 or interior light switch (built into the interior light/moonroof switc

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