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Honda HR-V: Steering Shaft Removal and Installation


1. Steering Column Tilt and Telescopic Position - Set

  1. Set the steering column to the center tilt position, and to the center telescopic position.

2. Steering Wheel - Hold

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Set the steering wheel to the straight ahead position
  2. Install a commercially available steering wheel holder tool (A).

3. Steering Joint Cover - Remove

Steering System - Service Information

4. Steering Joint - Disconnect

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Hold the spline shaft (A) on the column with a piece of wire (B) between the joint yoke (C) of the spline shaft and the joint yoke (D) of the spline tube to prevent the lower spline shaft from pulling out.

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Remove the steering joint bolt (A).

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Disconnect the steering joint (A) from the pinion shaft (B).


    • If the center guide (C) is in place and has not moved, leave it in place.
    • If the center guide has come off, discard it.

5. Steering Shaft - Remove

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Make the mark (A) on the steering joint (B) and the steering column (C)
  2. Remove the steering shaft joint bolt (D)
  3. Disconnect the steering shaft (E) from the steering column.



  • When replacing the steering shaft, make sure to mark the new shaft to identify the joint position.
  • Be careful not to mistake the top and bottom.

1. Steering Shaft - Install

Steering System - Service Information
Fig. 13: Steering Shaft Mounting With Torque Specifications

  1. Align the marks (A) on the steering column (B) and the steering shaft (C)
  2. Install a new joint bolt (D) and tighten it to the specified torque.

2. Steering Joint - Connect

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Cut the wire (A)
  2. Slip the lower end of the steering joint (B) onto the pinion shaft (C).

    NOTE :

    • Pinion shaft with center guide: Install the steering joint by aligning the center guide (D).
    • Pinion shaft without center guide: Position the steering column by aligning the gap (E) within the angle.

Steering System - Service Information
Fig. 14: Steering Shaft Mounting Alignment With Torque Specifications

  1. Align the bolt hole (A) on the steering joint with the groove (B) around the pinion shaft
  2. Loosely install a new steering joint bolt (C)
  3. Be sure that the joint bolt is securely in the groove in the pinion shaft
  4. Tighten the joint bolt to the specified torque
  5. Pull on the steering joint to make sure that the steering joint is fully seated.

3. Steering Joint Cover - Install

Steering System - Service Information

  1. Install the clip (A) and the push nuts (B) in the numbered sequence shown.

    NOTE: Check the steering joint cover for damage and cracks. If the steering joint cover is cracked, replace the steering joint cover.

4. Steering Wheel Holder - Remove

Steering System - Service Information

5. Steering - Check

  1. After installation, check these items:
    • Start the engine, allow it to idle, and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock several times.
    • Check the steering wheel spoke angle. If steering spoke angles to the right and left are not equal (steering wheel and rack are not centered), correct the engagement of the joint/pinion shaft splines.

6. Wheel Alignment - Check

7. VSA Sensor Neutral Position - Memorize


     Steering Tie-Rod End Ball Joint Boot Replacement

    Special Tools Required Ball Joint Remover, 28 mm 07MAC-SL00202 Ball Joint Thread Protector, 12 mm 07AAFSDAA100 Fork Seal Driver Weight 07747-0010100 Fork Seal Driver Attachment, 31.2 mm 07747-00104

     Steering Wheel Removal and Installation

    Removal NOTE: SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations - Refer to: SRS Component Location Index (KA/KC), and the precautions and procedures before doing repairs or

     Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting


     Rear Window Defogger System Description - Control/Function

    The Timer Function (Without Climate Control) The rear window defogger provides the timer control function that is controlled by the HVAC control unit. The timer control is operated by turning the vehicle to the ON mode, then turn on the rear window defogger switch. The timer operating time varies

     Audio Check - Audio System Diagnostic Mode

    These screens allow you to troubleshoot the audio function. ANC Check (Not supported) Speaker Check (B) Speaker Check NOTE: Make sure the audio system is off before this diagnosis. While doing the diagnosis, the fader and the balance positions are set to the center. This diagnosis checks

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