Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Tire Pressure Monitor Systems


 Description & Operation

NOTE: This vehicle is equipped with an Indirect TPM System. Vehicle IS NOT equipped with tire pressure sensors mounted on the wheels. NOTE: Whenever the pressure has been adjusted on one or more tire

 TPMS Reset Procedures

NOTE: Whenever the pressure has been adjusted on one or more tires, tires have been rotated, or one or more tires have been replaced, the TPMS must be calibrated. NOTE: If the system detects low tir

 Traction Control, 4WD, & AWD

TRACTION CONTROL DISABLE WARNING: Placing a non-compatible vehicle on a single-axle dynamometer could result in a safety hazard to technicians and damage to vehicle. Vehicles which use All- Wheel Dri


 Throttle Body Removal and Installation

Removal Do not insert your fingers into the installed throttle body when you turn the vehicle to the ON mode, or while the vehicle is in ON mode. If you do, you will seriously injure your fingers if the throttle valve is activated. NOTE: If you are replacing the throttle body, start at 1st proced

 EPS System Description - EPS Control

The base current is a basic current value to drive the motor. Base current is calculated using steering torque and vehicle speed. EPS motor torque tends to be lower as the vehicle begins to move, and higher as it decreases in speed due to inertia of the rotating body. Inertia compensation increas

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