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Honda HR-V: Charging System - Overhaul, Testing & Troubleshooting

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Electrical / Charging System - Overhaul, Testing & Troubleshooting


 Inspection & Adjustment

DRIVE BELT AUTO-TENSIONER INSPECTION Inspection 1. Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner - Position Check Turn the vehicle to the ON mode, and make sure to turn the A/C switch OFF, then turn the vehicle to


CHARGING SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - OVERVIEW Overview The PCM gathers vehicle operating system data and determines the required charging rate. Based on that data, the PCM commands the alternator to provide


ALTERNATOR PERFORMANCE TEST Special Tools Required Honda 12 Volt Battery Diagnostic Station (GR8): Model Number MTRGR81100P* *: Available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program 888-424-6857 1. P


 General Information

FUEL LINE/QUICK-CONNECT FITTING PRECAUTIONS (KA/KC) The fuel line/quick-connect fittings (A to I) connect following: A: fuel feed hose (J) to fuel rail (K), fuel feed hose (J) to fuel line (L) B: fuel tank unit (M) to fuel line (N) C: fuel tank unit (M) to fuel suction line (O) D: fuel tank u

 DTC U128D (Keyless Access Backup Control Unit) Backup Control Unit Lost Communication With Gauge Control Module

NOTE: The DTC may be stored due to the grounding failure or the power source failure at the transmitting control unit (the grounding inspection and the power source inspection on each control unit are required prior to this checking process). DTC (Backup Control Unit) NOTE: If you are troubleshoo

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