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1. Power Steering Assist - Check

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting

NOTE: This test should be done with original equipment tires and wheels at the correct tire pressure.

  1. Start the engine, and let it idle
  2. Attach a commercially available spring scale (A) to the steering wheel. With the engine idling and the vehicle on a clean, dry floor, pull the scale as shown, and read it as soon as the tires begin to turn.

Initial turning load: 29 N (3.0 kgf, 6.5 lbf) max.

  1. If the scale reads no more than the specification, the power assist is OK. If it reads more, check these items:
    • Steering linkage
    • Rack guide adjustment
    • EPS system
    • Wheel alignment



1. Steering Wheel Rotational Play - Check

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Set the front wheels in the straight ahead position
  2. Measure how far you can turn the steering wheel left and right without moving the front wheels.
    • If the play is within the limit, the steering gearbox and the steering linkage are OK.
    • If the play exceeds the limit, adjust the rack guide. If the play is still excessive after rack guide adjustment, inspect the steering linkage and the steering gearbox.

Rotational play: 0-10 mm (0-0.39 in)


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