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Honda HR-V: M/T Differential Backlash Inspection (M/T)


1. Differential Backlash - Inspect

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Place the differential assembly on V-blocks (A), and install the intermediate shaft (B) and the left driveshaft (C)
  2. Measure the backlash of both pinion gears (D) with a dial indicator (E). If the backlash is not within the standard, check the differential carrier condition, and replace it if necessary.

Standard: 0.05-0.15 mm (0.0020-0.0059 in)


Driver Handle, 40 mm I.D. 07746-0030100

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting


1. Differential Oil Seal - Remove

2. Differential Thrust Clearance - Adjust

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. If you removed the 90 mm shim (A) from the transmission housing, reinstall the same sized shim.

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Install the differential assembly (A).

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting
Fig. 2: Transmission Housing Onto The Clutch Housing Tightening Sequence

  1. Install the transmission housing onto the clutch housing, then tighten the 8 mm flange bolts in a crisscross pattern in several steps.

27 N.m (2.8 kgf.m, 20 lbf.ft)

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Use the 40 mm I.D. driver handle to bottom the differential assembly in the clutch housing.

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Measure the clearance between the 90 mm shim and the bearing outer race in the transmission housing.

Standard: 0-0.10 mm (0-0.0039 in)

  1. If the clearance exceeds the standard, select a new 90 mm shim from the following table. If the clearance measured in step 5 is within the standard, go to step 9.

90 mm Shim

A - 1.00 mm (0.0394 in)
B - 1.05 mm (0.0413 in)
C - 1.10 mm (0.0433 in)
D - 1.15 mm (0.0453 in)
E - 1.20 mm (0.0472 in)
F - 1.25 mm (0.0492 in)
G - 1.30 mm (0.0512 in)
H - 1.35 mm (0.0531 in)
J - 1.40 mm (0.0551 in)
K - 1.45 mm (0.0571 in)
L - 1.50 mm (0.0591 in)
M - 1.55 mm (0.0610 in)
N - 1.60 mm (0.0630 in)
P - 1.65 mm (0.0650 in)
R - 1.70 mm (0.0669 in)
S - 1.75 mm (0.0689 in)
T - 1.80 mm (0.0709 in)

  1. Remove the transmission housing.
  2. Replace the thrust shim selected in step 6, then recheck the clearance.
  3. Install a new transmission housing side differential oil seal.


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