Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Eco Assist System

Eco Assist System

Safe Driving

Safe Driving


  • Your vehicle is fitted with airbags to help protect you and your passengers during a moderate-to-severe collision.

Child Safety

  • All children 12 and younger should be seated in the rear seat.
  • Smaller children should be properly restrained in a forward-facing child seat.
  • Infants must be properly restrained in a rear-facing child seat.

Exhaust Gas Hazard

  • Your vehicle emits dangerous exhaust gases that contain carbon monoxide. Do not run the engine in confined spaces where carbon monoxide gas can accumulate.

Seat Belts

  • Fasten your seat belt and sit upright well back in the seat.
  • Check that your passengers are wearing their seat belts correctly.

  • Fasten your lap belt as low as possible.

Before Driving Checklist

  • Before driving, check that the front seats, head restraints, steering wheel, and mirrors have been properly adjusted.


     Instrument Panel

    Gauges/Information Display/System Indicators Tachometer Speedometer Information Display Fuel Gauge Security System Alarm Indicator M (7-speed manual shift mode) Indicator/Shift Indicator S


    Clock Models with navigation system The navigation system receives signals from GPS satellites, updating the clock automatically. Models without navigation system The clock in the information display


    Models without navigation system Audio Remote Controls Button Press to adjust the volume up/down. SOURCE Button Press to change the audio mode: FM/AM/ CD/USB/iPod/Bluetooth/Pandora*/AhaTM*/ A


     Audio Disc Does Not Play

    Special Tools Required Diagnostic CD 07AAZ-SDBA100 NOTE: Check the vehicle 12 volt battery condition first. Disc labels should not be used in the audio-navigation unit or the audio unit. They may jam and damage the player mechanism. Make sure the disc is compatible with the system (see the Own

     DTC Troubleshooting 81-11: Modulator-Control Unit Internal Circuit Malfunction

    NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information. 1. Problem verification: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Clear the DTC with the HDS. Turn the vehicle to the OFF (LOCK) mode, then to the ON mode. Check for DTCs with the HDS. Is DTC 81-11 indicated? YES The fai

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