Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Features

Models without navigation system

Audio Remote Controls


  • Button
    Press to adjust the volume up/down.
  • SOURCE Button Press to change the audio mode: FM/AM/ CD/USB/iPod/Bluetooth/Pandora*/AhaTM*/ AUX.
  • Button
    Radio: Press to change the preset station.

    Press and hold to select the next or previous strong station.

    CD/USB device: Press to skip to the beginning of the next song or return to the beginning of the current song.

    Press and hold to change a folder.

Audio System

For navigation system operation

Models with color audio system


Models with display audio system




    Manual Transmission Continuously Variable Transmission Shift to (P) and depress the brake pedal when starting the engine. Shifting Models with paddle shifters Models without paddle shifters Depre


    Under the Hood Check engine oil, engine coolant, and window washer fluid. Add when necessary. Check brake fluid. Check the battery condition monthly. Pull the hood release handle under the co

     Handling the Unexpected

    Flat Tire Park in a safe location and replace the flat tire with the compact spare tire in the cargo area. Engine Won't Start If the battery is dead, jump start using a booster battery. O



    FUEL LINE INSPECTION Inspection 1. Fuel Line - Inspect USA and Canada models Check the fuel system lines and hoses for damage, leaks, and deterioration. Replace any damaged parts. Check all clamps, and make sure they are properly positioned and tightened. 2WD AWD Mexico models Check the fuel sy

     Front Stabilizer Bar Removal and Installation (2WD)

    Removal 1. Vehicle - Lift 2. Front Wheels - Remove 3. Front Splash Shield - Remove 4. Stabilizer Link - Disconnect Disconnect both sides of the stabilizer link from the stabilizer bar. 5. Stabilizer Bar - Remove Remove the bushing holders (A) Remove the bushings (B) Move the stabilizer bar (

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