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Honda HR-V: EPS Motor & Control Unit - Service Information

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Steering / EPS Motor & Control Unit - Service Information




1. Steering Column/EPS Control Unit - Remove

2. EPS Motor/Control Unit - Remove

EPS Motor & Control Unit - Service Information

  1. Disconnect the connector (A)
  2. Remove the EPS motor/control unit (B).


1. EPS Motor/Control Unit - Install

EPS Motor & Control Unit - Service Information
Fig. 1: EPS Motor/Control Unit With Torque Specifications

  1. Clean the mating surfaces between the EPS motor/control unit (A) and the steering column (B).
  2. Install the EPS motor by engaging the EPS motor shaft (C) and the worm shaft (D).


    • Before tightening the bolts, turn the motor two or three times to the right and left about 45 degrees.
    • Make sure the EPS motor is evenly seated on the steering column.
  3. Tighten the EPS motor mounting bolts (E) to the specified torque.
  4. Connect the connector (F).

2. Steering Column/EPS Control Unit - Install


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