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Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / HVAC / HVAC System - Service Information


 A/C Compressor Relief Valve Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation NOTE: If the A/C compressor relief valve released refrigerant to the atmosphere, determine and correct the cause of the excessive system pressure, then replace the relief v

 A/C Compressor Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation NOTE: Do not install the A/C compressor into a system unless you are completely sure that the system is free of contamination. Installing the A/C compressor into a cont

 A/C Condenser Removal and Installation

Removal & Installation 1. A/C Refrigerant - Recover 2. Front Bumper - Remove 3. Discharge Hose, Receiver Pipe and A/C Condenser - Remove Disconnect the connector (B) Disconnect the receiver pi


 DTC 2618 LaneWatch Diag

NOTE: Check the vehicle 12 volt battery condition first. This audio DTC sets when Connection NG is indicated in the LaneWatch diagnosis (the LaneWatch icon is red in the System Links). Before you troubleshoot, make sure to follow the General Troubleshooting Information. Check the connector

 Shift Cable Removal and Installation (CVT)

Removal SRS components are located in this area. Review the SRS component locations - Refer to: SRS Component Location Index (KA/KC), or SRS Component Location Index (KA/KC) and the precautions and procedures before doing repair or service. 1. Shift Lever Knob / Shift Lever Boots - Remove NOTE: D

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