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Honda HR-V: Fuel Supply System Description - Fuel Pump

The fuel tank unit consists of the following components.


Fuel and Emissions - Testing & Troubleshooting


Fuel and Emissions - Testing & Troubleshooting



The return fuel entering the jet pump from the fuel pressure regulator passes through the orifice in the jet pump to increase the flow speed, which generates increased suction pressure. This pressure (vacuum pressure) is used to transport the fuel on the sub fuel tank unit side through the transfer tube to the main side. A safety valve (relief valve) is installed for protection of the fuel line in case of an abnormal fuel pressure rise, caused by a clogged orifice etc.

Fuel and Emissions - Testing & Troubleshooting


The fuel returnless system incorporates the fuel pressure regulator into the fuel pump to remove the fuel return pipe and other parts. The fuel pressure regulator keeps the fuel pressure constant in the fuel pump to return the fuel into the fuel tank directly. This does not need the fuel line in the engine compartment to prevent the fuel temperature from increasing and to reduce the fuel evaporation of gas in the fuel tank.

Fuel and Emissions - Testing & Troubleshooting


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