Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Inspection/Adjustment



1. Steering Linkage and Gearbox - Inspect

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting


Special Tools Required

Rack Stopper Wrench 070AATG2A101

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting

Locknut Wrench, 43 mm 07AAASTKA100

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting



  • During adjustment, the steering wheel must be in a straight position.
  • Refer to Steering Gearbox Disassembly and Reassembly as needed during this procedure.

1. Vehicle - Lift

2. Steering Rack Guide - Adjust

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Set the front wheels in the straight ahead position
  2. Loosen the locknut (A) with the locknut wrench and the rack stopper wrench
  3. Remove the rack guide screw (B).

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Remove the old sealant from the rack guide screw
  2. Apply new sealant (Loctite #565) to the middle of the threads (A).

    NOTE: If the rack guide screw is not installed within 5 minutes of applying the sealant, remove the sealant and residue, and reapply new sealant

  3. Loosely install the rack guide screw on the steering gearbox.

Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting
Fig. 7: Rack Guide Screw With Torque Specifications

  1. Tighten the rack guide screw (A) to 25 N.m (2.5 kgf.m, 18 lbf.ft), then loosen it
  2. Retighten the rack guide screw to 10 N.m (1.0 kgf.m, 7 lbf.ft), then back it off to the specified angle.

Specified return angle: 9 Â+- 3 º

  1. Hold the rack guide screw stationary with a wrench, and tighten the locknut (B) by hand until it's fully seated.
  2. Install the locknut wrench on the locknut, and hold the rack guide screw stationary with a wrench.

    Tighten the locknut to the specified torque.

    NOTE: This special tool increases the torque applied by the torque wrench. Refer to Torque Specifications for details on how to recalculate the torque wrench setting.

  3. Check for unusual steering effort through the complete turning range.

3. Steering Wheel Rotational Play - Check

4. Power Steering Assist - Check



Steering System - Testing & Troubleshooting


     Electronic Power Steering (EPS) System - Diagnostics

     DTC Troubleshooting

     DTC C0051-96, C0063-96

    NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the general troubleshooting information. DTC (EPS) 1. Problem verification. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Clear the DTC with the HDS. Clear DTCs  


     EPS System Description - Motion Adaptive-EPS Control

    Overview Motion adaptive-EPS control performs the steering torque correction control coordinated with VSA system for stabilizing the vehicle when the steering is unstable. The EPS system determines the state of the vehicle based on the data calculated by the VSA modulator-control unit, and the dat

     A/C Compressor Clutch Circuit Troubleshooting (KA/KC)

    NOTE: It is normal for the A/C compressor to turn off under certain conditions, such as low idle, high engine coolant temperature, or hard acceleration. Do not use this troubleshooting procedure if the fans are also inoperative with the A/C on. Refer to the symptom troubleshooting index - R

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