Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Parking Your Vehicle

Do not park your vehicle near flammable objects, such as dry grass, oil, or timber.

Heat from the exhaust can cause a fire.

When Stopped

1. Depress the brake pedal firmly.

2. With the brake pedal depressed, pull up the electric parking brake switch slowly, but fully.

Continuously variable transmission models

3. Move the shift lever from (D) to (P).

Manual transmission models

3. Move the shift lever to (R).

4. Turn off the engine.

  • The electric parking brake indicator goes off in about 15 seconds.

Always confirm the electric parking brake is set, in particular if you are parked on an incline.


Continuously variable transmission models

The following can damage the transmission:

  • Depressing the accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously.
  • Holding the vehicle in place when facing uphill by depressing the accelerator pedal.
  • Moving the shift lever into (P before the vehicle stops completely.

Raise the wiper arms when snow is expected.


     Multi-View Rear Camera

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     Fuel Information

    NOTICE We recommend quality gasoline containing detergent additives that help prevent fuel system and engine deposits. In addition, in order to maintain good performance, fuel economy, and emissions c


     Symptom Troubleshooting

    ALL THE DOORS AND THE TAILGATE WILL NOT LOCK AND UNLOCK Refer to: Keyless Access System Symptom Troubleshooting - All the doors and the tailgate will not lock and unlock AUTO DOOR UNLOCK DOES NOT WORK Refer to: Keyless/Power Door Locks/Security System Symptom Troubleshooting - AUTO DOOR UNLOCK doe

     Transmission Fluid (HCF-2) Replacement (CVT)

    Replacement NOTE: Keep all foreign particles out of the transmission. 1. Vehicle - Lift Set 2. Engine Undercover - Remove (With 2WD) 3. Engine - Warm Up Start the engine, and warm it up to normal operating temperature (the radiator fan comes on twice). Turn the engine off. 4. Transmission Flui

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