Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Visual Index

Visual Index

  • System Indicators
  • Gauges
  • Information Display
  • Hazard Warning Button
  • Audio/Information Screen
  • Audio System
  • Navigation System
  • Heating and Cooling System
  • Climate Control System
  • Rear Window Defogger
  • Heated Mirror Button
  • Ignition Switch
  • Steering Wheel Adjustments
  • ECON Button
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Button
  • symbol
    (Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System OFF) Button
  • Heated Windshield Button
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW) Button
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW) Button

*1: Models with the smart entry system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an ignition switch.

Visual Index

  • Headlights/Turn Signals
  • Fog Lights
  • LaneWatchTM
  • Paddle Shifter (Shift Down)
  • symbol(Display)
  • symbol
    (Select/Reset) Knob
  • Brightness Control
  • Paddle Shifter (Shift Up)
  • Wipers/Washers
  • Cruise Control Buttons
  • Horn (Press an area around symbol.)

  • Bluetooth HandsFreeLink System
  • Voice Control Buttons
  • Navigation System Voice Control Buttons
  • Audio Remote Control Buttons

Visual Index

  • Power Window Switches
  • Power Door Lock Master Switch
  • Door Mirror Controls
  • Interior Fuse Box
  • Driver's Front Airbag
  • Passenger's Front Airbag
  • Seat Heater Icons
  • Glove Box
  • Shift Lever
    Continuously Variable
    Manual Transmission
  • Accessory Power Socket
  • USB Port(s)
  • HDMI Port
  • Auxiliary Input Jack
  • Electric Parking Brake Switch
  • Automatic Brake Hold Button
  • Hood Release Handle
  • Fuel Fill Door Release Handle

Visual Index

  • Seat Belt with Detachable Anchor
  • Seat Belts
  • Seat Belts (Installing a Child Seat)
  • Seat Belt to Secure a Child Seat
  • Grab Handle
  • Coat Hook
  • Ceiling Light
  • Map Lights
  • Moonroof Switch
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Sun Visors
  • Vanity Mirrors
  • Side Curtain Airbags
  • Side Airbags
  • Front Seat
  • Accessory Power Socket
  • Rear Seat
  • LATCH to Secure a Child Seat
  • Cargo Area Light
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Cargo Floor Box
  • Accessory Power Socket

Visual Index

  • Maintenance Under the Hood
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Power Door Mirrors
  • Side Turn Signal Lights
  • Door Lock/Unlock Control
  • Headlights
  • Front Turn Signal/Parking Lights
  • Front Side Marker Lights
  • Tires
  • Fog Lights

Visual Index

  • How to Refuel
  • High-Mount Brake Light
  • Rear Wiper
  • Rear License Plate Lights
  • Opening/Closing the Tailgate
  • Tailgate Release Button
  • Lock Button
  • Multi-View Rear Camera
  • Back-Up Lights
  • Brake/Tail/Rear Side Marker Lights
  • Rear Turn Signal Lights


     Eco Assist System

    Safe Driving Airbags Your vehicle is fitted with airbags to help protect you and your passengers during a moderate-to-severe collision. Child Safety All children 12 and younger should be sea

     Instrument Panel

    Gauges/Information Display/System Indicators Tachometer Speedometer Information Display Fuel Gauge Security System Alarm Indicator M (7-speed manual shift mode) Indicator/Shift Indicator S


    Clock Models with navigation system The navigation system receives signals from GPS satellites, updating the clock automatically. Models without navigation system The clock in the information display


     Transmission Fluid

    Continuously variable transmission models â– Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid Specified fluid: Honda HCF-2 Transmission Fluid Have a dealer check the fluid level and replace if necessary. NOTICE Do not mix HCF-2 with other transmission fluids Using a transmission fluid other than HCF-2 may a

     Engine Oil Pump Removal and Installation

    Removal 1. Right Front Wheel - Remove 2. Front Splash Shield and Engine Undercover (With Engine Undercover) - Remove 3. Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner - Remove 4. Drive Belt Idler Pulley Base - Remove 5. Crankshaft Pulley - Remove 6. Cylinder Head Cover - Remove 7. PCV Hose (Oil Pump Side) - Disconnect

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