Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Playing the AM/FM Radio

Audio System Basic Operation

*1:Some or all of the lists may not be displayed.

The ST indicator appears on the display indicating stereo FM broadcasts.

Stereo reproduction in AM is not available.

Switching the Audio Mode Press the SOURCE button on the steering wheel or select SOURCE on the list.

You can also switch the mode by selecting Change Source on the MENU screen.

You can store 6 AM stations and 12 FM stations into the preset memory.

■Preset Memory

To store a station:

1. Tune to the selected station.

2. Select MENU.

3. Select Save Preset.

4. Select the preset number you want to store that station.

■Radio Data System (RDS)

Provides text data information related to your selected RDS-capable FM station.

When you select an RDS-capable FM station, the RDS automatically turns on, and the frequency display changes to the station name. However, when the signals of that station become weak, the display changes from the station name to the frequency.

■ To find an RDS station from Station List

1. Select MENU while listening to an FM station.

2. Select Station List.

3. Select the station.

■ Manual update

Updates your available station list at any time.

1. Select MENU while listening to an FM station.

2. Select Station List.

3. Select Refresh.

■ Radio text

Displays the radio text information of the selected RDS station.

1. Select MENU.

2. Select View Radio Text.

■ Scan

Samples each of the strongest stations on the selected band for 10 seconds.

1. Select MENU.

2. Select Scan.

To turn off scan, select Cancel.


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