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Honda HR-V: Synchro Sleeve and Hub Disassembly, Reassembly, and Inspection (M/T)

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Transmission / Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting / Overhaul / Synchro Sleeve and Hub Disassembly, Reassembly, and Inspection (M/T)


1. Synchro Sleeve and Hub - Inspect

Manual Transaxle - Testing & Troubleshooting

  1. Inspect the gear teeth on all synchro hubs and synchro sleeves for wear (rounded off corners)
  2. Install each synchro hub (A) in its mating synchro sleeve (B), and check for free movement. Make sure to match the three sets of longer teeth (C) (120 degrees apart) on the synchro sleeve with the three sets of deeper grooves (D) in the synchro hub.


    • Do not install the synchro sleeve with its longer teeth in the synchro hub slots (E) because it will damage the spring ring.
    • If replacement is required, always replace the synchro sleeve and the synchro hub as a set.


     Driveline & Axles

     AWD System - Diagnostics

     DTC C1840-12 (47-01): Differential Fluid Pressure Sensor Circuit High Voltage (AWD)

    NOTE: Before you troubleshoot, review the General Troubleshooting Information for the AWD with intelligent control system. 1. Determine possible failure area (electrical circuit problem, hydraulic


     A/C Signal Circuit Troubleshooting

    1. A/C compressor clutch condition check. Start the engine, and let it idle. Turn the blower switch on. Turn the A/C switch on. Check the parameter(s) below with the HDS. Do the current condition(s) match the threshold? YES Go to step 2. NO Do the A/C system test. 2. A/C system check. Check

     Engine Mount - Service Information

    REMOVAL & INSTALLATION ENGINE MOUNT TIGHTENING PROCEDURE Procedure NOTE: Reinstall the mounting bolts and nuts in the sequence given in the following steps. Failure to follow this sequence may cause excessive noise and vibration, and reduce engine mount life. 1. Jack - Remove 2. Engine/Transmi

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