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Honda HR-V: Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Testing & Troubleshooting

Honda HR-V (2015-2021) Service Manual / Suspension System / Tire Pressure Monitoring System - Testing & Troubleshooting



TPMS SYSTEM DESCRIPTION - CALIBRATION A calibration process is required for the TPMS module to learn the peak tire resonance values. The calibration procedure must be performed any time the tire pre


TPMS CALIBRATION Procedure NOTE: Make sure the tire pressure is properly adjusted to the specified tire pressure listed on the doorjamb label before doing the TPMS calibration. The calibration be

 Symptom Troubleshooting

TPMS SYMPTOM TROUBLESHOOTING - TPMS CANNOT BE CALIBRATED NOTE: If any gauge control module or VSA system DTCs are indicated, do the troubleshooting for these DTCs first. Check the number of miles


 DTC B0028-13

Special Tools Required SRS Inflator Simulator 07SAZ-TB4011A SRS Simulator Lead L 070AZ-SNAA300 NOTE: Before doing this troubleshooting procedure, find out if the vehicle was in a collision. If so, verify that all the required components were replaced with new components of the correct par

 Maintenance Minder

If the engine oil life is less than 15%, you will see the Maintenance Minder messages appear on the information display every time you turn the ignition switch to ON (II)*1. The messages notify you when to change the engine oil, or when to bring your vehicle to a dealer for indicated maintenance s

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