Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Troubleshooting


 A/C Signal Circuit Troubleshooting

1. A/C compressor clutch condition check. Start the engine, and let it idle. Turn the blower switch on. Turn the A/C switch on. Check the parameter(s) below with the HDS. Do the current conditi

 MIL Circuit Troubleshooting

1. Gauge control module check. Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Do the gauge self-diagnostic function. Does the MIL flash? YES Go to step 2. NO Substitute a known-good gauge control module, then r

 PCM Power and Ground Circuit Troubleshooting

1. Engine starting check. Try to start the engine. Does the engine start and idle smoothly? YES Go to the F-CAN circuit troubleshooting. NO Go to step 2. 2. Fuse check. Turn the vehicle to the OF


 Fuel Pressure Relieving

Procedure NOTE: Before disconnecting fuel lines or hoses, relieve pressure from the system by disabling the fuel pump and disconnecting the fuel line/quick connect fitting in the engine compartment. When you relieve the fuel pressure, stop the fuel pump according to 2nd procedure (with the H

 VSA System Symptom Troubleshooting - ABS Indicator, Brake System Indicator (Red), VSA Indicator, And Brake System Indicator (Amber) Do Not Go OFF

1. DTC check: Turn the vehicle to the ON mode. Check for DTCs with the HDS. Are there DTCs indicated? YES Do the DTC troubleshooting. NO Go to step 2. 2. Gauge control module operation check. Do the gauge control module self-diagnostic function. Is the gauge control module OK? YES Go to step

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