Honda HR-V Owners & Service Manuals

Honda HR-V: Description


 Immobilizer System Description - Overview

An immobilizer system adds a second electronic layer of security to the vehicle. If the key matches mechanically, but the electronic check does not match, the engine control computer suspends fuel d

 Keyless Access System Description - Components

LF (Low Frequency) Antennas The front interior, rear interior, driver's door, and front passenger's door LF antennas send the signals to the remote inside and outside of the vehicle. Door Touch Senso

 Keyless Access System Description - Control/Function

Smart Entry Function The keyless access control unit detects the input signal of the door outer handle touch sensor or the outer handle lock switch, and authenticates 2-way communication with the rem


 DTC 1101 Media Bus Send Error

NOTE: Check the vehicle 12 volt battery condition first. This audio DTC sets when there is an internal error in BUS sending. Before you troubleshoot, make sure to follow the General Troubleshooting Information. 1. Problem verification: Clear the hard error codes. Turn the vehicle to the OF

 DTC B1280 Turn Signal Switch Circuit Malfunction

DTC (MICU) NOTE : If you are troubleshooting multiple DTCs, be sure to follow the instructions in B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Refer to: Body Electrical Troubleshooting - B-CAN System Diagnosis Test Mode A - Initial Communication and DTC Checks. 1. Turn signal/hazard warning lights system

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